Elevated Planter

Elevated Planter

Easy elevated planter for Mother’s Day.Mother’s Day prompted the idea of building an elevated planted that my mother could use. Being elevated eliminated the need to bend over, kneel or squat. We wanted to give her something that could be moved to a different location depending on the season and the type of plants she would want to grow. This is what we came up with.

All the materials for this project were already in our lumber stash.

We brought the three black bins from Tractor Supply.  We notice that the concrete mixing tubs from a lumber store would work too. To get a particular size try here.

The measurements may different depending on the size of bins and the amount of bins you choose to have.

I wouldn’t recommend more then 4 per stand.

First, cut the legs to a height that you want. We took into consideration my mother’s height and being able to sat on a stool comfortable to work in the garden bed. 

Cut the four post out to hold cross boards.


Measure the support boards against the bins you will be using.

Assemble the stand.


Double check that the bins fit securely with the edges being supported by the frame.

Add your center braces. (Tip: you must hold your pencil just right)

Drill large holes in the bins for drainage. Not too many or it will collapse with the weight of the dirt.

Stain or paint the frame. We added hooks on the side to hold hand tools and gloves. And a cup holder.

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