Installing Septic System on the Homestead

Installing Septic System on the Homestead

We installed our own septic system on the homestead.

The tank is a chamber with a divider which is usually called a two chamber tank.  It came in two parts and was made of plastic making it easy to haul back to the homestead.
Septic tanks come in two parts.

The “ole gal” (i.e. tractor) did a good job digging the hole for the tank. The hole was dug deep enough to leave a foot of coverage on top of the tank.
Level open to place septic tanks inside.

Because the tanks are made out of plastic they were light enough to be handled by hand.

Once the bottom half of the tank was in place, it was checked again to be level. Then the top part of the tank was put in place. The two parts were connected with plastic clips that came with the tank.
Installed septic tank.

Gently the “ole gal” pushed the fill dirt back in around the tank so the tank wouldn’t sift.
Careful backfill around septic tank.

Trenches were dug for the two bio chambers. These bio chambers need to be level so the water is dispersed evenly throughout the chamber.
Install bio chambers

A PVC pipe is installed to connect the tank to the two bio chambers. The PVC pipes connecting the septic tanks to the bio chambers is in a grade to allow drainage.

All the pipes and joints were dry fitted and then glued.
Bio chambers are leveled and in place,

The system was active for a couple of weeks to check that everything was in good working order. Then it was covered up with dirt.

After a couple of months, we had to come back with some more dirt after everything had settled.

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