Off Grid Cooking

Off Grid Cooking

My three top favorite ways of cooking off-grid.

1.  Fire pit (coals & Dutch ovens).

Who doesn’t love the thought of cooking over an open flame?  Beside, doesn’t food just taste better when it’s cooked in a heavy Dutch Oven or iron skillet?

We built this little cooking station in two separate sections. One is for slow cooking with coals. The other side has grills for higher heat cook such as coffee and frying in an iron skillet.

The concrete blocks (from Lowe) has held up to the heat for more the 5 years.


  1.   Rocket Stove.

We build a rocket stove out of old popcorn tin and cans. Even though it was very crude, we were totally thrilled with the results.

So much did we loved the design that we invested in a SilverFire. Anything you cook in a skillet or pot can be cooked on the rocket stove. No long hours, no haul fire wood, no waiting for coals.

It only takes a few twigs. You push twigs into the chamber as you need them. It uses renewable fuel and it’s fast.

Again we used mason blocks to build a stand. No more bending over the campfire.



  1. Solar Oven.

This was another project we first build our own out of a box and old window glass and was totally impressed with the efficiency of it.

We invested in a Sun Oven. It’s a little pricey but again we thought it was money well spent. Fresh baked bread or chocolate chips cookies can bring about world peace.

Solar ovens are great for any of your oven recipes such as breads, casseroles and slow cook dishes.  I’ve even made jerky and dehydrated in my solar oven.

We choose the Sun Oven for the ease of aligning it with the sun, the fold-able yet connected solar shields, the interior swinging tray, larger than usual interior and it is rated to be the hottest solar oven of the major brands.


That’s my top 3 off the grid cooking techniques

If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and we will try to answer them.


“Every person who prepares is one less person who panics in a crisis.” ~ Mike Adams


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