3 Tips for Picking a Trail

3 Tips for Picking a Trail

Emery and Schiff Path to Dorr Mountain, Acadia National Park

Our first hike in Acadia National Park started out with a beautiful sunrise from our back window. It turned the whole interior of the truck camper orange and pink.


My 3 Tips for Picking a Trail:

1) The trail is a loop.

2) It doesn’t take more the 4 hours.

3) No one dies. Most trails are rated easy, moderate or strenuous. Be brave but aware of your limitations.


I tried to determine the best way to start. Preferably, the strenuous part of the trail first while you are fresh and rested. Making the last part the easiest when you are exhausted.

Our first hike was the Emery and Schiff Path to Dorr Mountain. The trail goes thru 4 zones: Hardwood Forest, Hemlock, mixed pine, Birch Grove and Alpine.

Our route is in pink.

The bus system dropped us off at the Ladder trail head located on ME 3 South, just pass The Tarn pond.

We started climbing right away.

Start of Dorr Mountain Loop Trail

Even with the granite steps, it was steep and not evenly spaced.

Soon we started seeing little openings and the vista was beautiful.

Dorr Mountain Loop trail vista

As we got higher, the trail became narrower and followed the edge.

On one side we would be at the base of trees and on the other we are at the top of trees.

Trail up to Dorr Mountain

The trail was well worn and for the most part easy to follow.

Each vista showed a different area. The trees started thinning out and the temperatures were cooler.

Then the trail really did go vertical.   As you are climbing, you don’t look back.

Some places, you just climb up on your hands and knees using whatever means to go higher and higher.

In case you stepped wrong or slip, the buffer zone disappeared.

I had already been on some serious trails.

Some I thought, if I fall that’s going to hurt. There were parts along this trail that looked down-right deadly.

Making it to the summit is the best feeling in the world.

It was just the same as if glitter and confetti came shooting out of the rocks.

Parts of the trail down (Emery Path) were more strenuous then I thought it would be.

(Note: The cute little squiggly lines on a map are not friendly.)

Once down we had a good flat hike back to where we started.

Then it was just a matter of catching the bus and heading back to camp.

Perfect first day in Acadia National Park.


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