Franconia Notch NH State Park

Franconia Notch NH State Park

Franconia Notch State Park

This New Hampshire state park is between the high peaks of the Kinsman and Franconia mountain range. We stayed at the Lafayette Place Campground. The entrance was a narrow one lane bridge. With a big dually truck most lanes seem narrow but this was tight.

Entrance to Campground

The ranger was helpful with information on the different hiking trails in the area. For a couple of newbies at this whole hiking thing, the information was overwhelming. Finally we just chose the Lonesome Lake Loop trail because, well it was pink.

Trail Sign

We started out on a bike route named Pemi Trail. We could hear the highway noise on one side and on the other was the sound of the creek rushing over rocks. We turned onto the Basin Cascade Trail and soon came to beautiful pools and water falls.

The trail continued up. The smooth rocks turn to sharp edges covered with slippery moss. It wasn’t raining but it was so darn close that in west TEXAS it would have been considered monsoon season.

After a couple of hours, we saw a little sign. “Bridge out”.  What the heck? We questioned a hiker coming from that direction and was told it’s passable, just jump from one rock to the other. Just a word of caution, don’t take advice from someone that looks like an experienced hiker. The water was flowing fast, it was deep, it was cold and it was at the top of a water fall. And my legs are short! One misstep on a slippery rock would not end well.  Some way, somehow, the husband got me talked across with death grips on the hiking poles he held on to. Just as I made the solid ground safely on the other side, four other hikers came up to the crossing. The husband help them across too.

Bridge out crossing

It turns out they were Forty-sixer high peakers.  It’s a group of people that hike all forty-six of the recognized high peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. There are those type of hikers and then there is me. I just wanted to get to the Lonesome Lake (mid-point) and eat lunch.

Lonesome Lake

Lonesome Lake is a major hub for hikers along the Appalachian Trail. Homemade soup and bread was available along with bathrooms and overnight shelter. It was a busy little crossroads on top of a ridge.

You would think the trail down would be easier but oh no, it wasn’t.  Part of this trail was damage from rock slide so we had to take the long round-about way. Of course it was the steeper way. We finally manage to make it back to camp. Then we just crashed. It was a long day.

After the hike




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