White Mountain, NH

White Mountain, NH

Travel day from Maine to Franconia Notch State Park.

July 17, 2017

Bridgton, Maine to Franconia Notch State Park, NH

Travel day was planned as a short hour and half drive through White Mountain National Forest to Franconia Notch State Park in New Hampshire.https://www.texasroadrunners.org/

From Highway 302, we turned East onto Highway 112 through the southern part of White Mountain National Forest. We didn’t take into account the scenery. It kept pulling us into side roads, pull overs and trail heads.

I had packed our bathing suits because I’d read that the river was great for take a quick swim. I just had a moment where I forgot that we weren’t in TEXAS anymore with our nice warm water. This snow melt spring fed moving waters was too cold for our blood.

Rocky Gorge Scenic Area was beautiful and a must stop. (GPS: 44.001718,-71.277230) The water moving over the rocks was beautiful. It makes a person thankful for digital film for taking as many pictures as possible.https://www.texasroadrunners.org/

There were several more pull offs and switch backs that made us stop. We didn’t have any issue with the truck/camper. All the grades seem very manageable.https://www.texasroadrunners.org/

We pass through Lincoln, a cute little tourist/skiing town. Then we turn north onto Interstate 93.https://www.texasroadrunners.org/

Thankful we did have enough time to hike the Flume Gorge (GPS: 44.097044,-71.679968). See our pictures here.

From there it was a quick trip further down the road to our home base, Lafayette Place Campground (GPS 44.143731,-71.683986).

Lafayette Place Campground

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